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China Systems Named one of CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Java Development Solution Providers” for 2016

China Systems tops GTR magazine’s polls for best trade finance software provider for the 6th time15 February 2016. China Systems has been included in the “20 Most Promising Java Development Solution Providers” list of CIOReview, a leading source of information on innovative enterprise solutions for decision makers in the IT industry.

The list was voted by a panel of experts and members of the CIOReview editorial board after evaluation across more than a dozen quantitative and qualitative elements, including the company’s experience, industry recognition, technical certifications, market presence and positive client reviews.

China Systems’ Eximbills, a proven flagship solution, can be tailored to adapt to changing real-world requirements in any business or regulatory environment for Trade Finance, Payments, and Supply Chain Finance without the need for programming modification. Eximbills Enterprise addresses the technical demand for the Java EE framework and enables China Systems to enter the high-end market of large centralized processing centers and insourcing operations.

“China Systems continued to break new ground within the past year, benefiting its customers,” noted Jeevan George, managing editor of CIOReview. “CIOReview is happy to showcase China Systems this year due to its continuing excellence in delivering top-notch technology driven solutions.”

China Systems USA and Canada deputy managing director Pedro Ramos stated, “We are very happy with this deserved recognition from CIO Review, a ‘de facto’ industry source of reliable information. The research teams in China Systems are a crucial part of our product development lifecycle and ensure that our Enterprise Solutions constantly leverage the latest benefits Java brings, trickling these down as functional enhancement to our customers, our most valued asset. This recognition only adds to our motivation to bring to market the best solutions in our fields of expertise - Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance and Payments.”



China Systems gets 2015 SWIFT label for Supply Chain Finance


China Systems tops GTR magazine’s polls for best trade finance software provider for the 6th time16 April 2015. China Systems, the leading trade finance solutions vendor, has once again been awarded the SWIFT Certification Application level for Supply Chain Finance (SCF) for Eximbills Enterprise, its world renowned Java EE-based trade finance system and flagship product.

Back in 2007, Eximbills Enterprise was the first back office solution to be awarded in the SCF label formerly known as Trade Services Utility (TSU) and Eximbills Enterprise has continued to receive this award every year.

Eximbills Enterprise is a SOA-compliant solution which covers the full range of Import and Export Trades Services and also integrates Supply Chain Financing and (Reverse) Factoring capabilities to address the increasing demand for bank-assisted open accounts trading.

China Systems' Eximbills Enterprise has been awarded with its third SWIFT label


China Systems tops GTR magazine’s polls for best trade finance software provider for the 6th time9 April 2015. Corporate Enterprise (CoE), China Systems' web-based solution has been awarded it's third SWIFT label in the Corporates - Trade & Supply Chain Finance category. CoE is designed to support a corporate organization in the management of its Trade and Supply Chain Finance transactions in a multi-bank environment.

China Systems has been going through and successfully passing stringent technical and functional validation criteria for the SWIFT labeling programs such as Corporates - Trade & Supply Chain Finance every year. Among this criteria are support for trade related FIN messages, FileAct messages and ISO20022 standards, message reconciliation and validation and user profile management for security.



About China Systems (

With more than 30 years’ experience in servicing over 150 banks in more than 75 countries, China Systems has become a trusted name in the banking industry with a loyal and growing customer base. Established in 1983, it has grown to be the largest trade finance system vendor in the world, with offices in Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East. Eximbills, its world-renowned back office trade finance flagship product, is an established global standard Trade Finance solution installed by many international banks.

China Systems has passed ISO90001 for implementation and has achieved CMMI3 accreditation for development services. It has also received the 2013 SWIFT Certified Application labels for Trade Finance, Payments, Supply Chain Finance, and Corporates (Trade & SCF). These industry-standard certifications reflect the company's full commitment to provide quality support service to its customers.


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