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About China SystemsEstablished in 1983, China Systems is the world’s leading trade services solutions vendor with offices throughout Europe, US, Asia, and the Middle East. We are fully focused on providing an integrated front-end and back-office platform catering for internal and external deployment at a domestic, regional or global level. Eximbills, our proven flagship solution, which is installed in more than 150 banks and 75 countries worldwide, can be tailored to adapt to changing real-world requirements in any business or regulatory environment for Trade Finance, Payments, and Supply Chain Finance without the need for programming modification. Alliances with key organisations include IBM, Oracle, Citrix, Microsoft, Accuity, Sun Microsystems, Rockall Tech, Bolero and SWIFT, which have awarded us “SWIFT Ready” labels for Trade Finance, SCF, Payments and Trade & SCF- for Corporates. China Systems is an nine-time winner of the ‘Best Trade Finance Software Provider’ award (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018 and 2020) from GTR magazine and GTR Asia's 2014 and 2015 awardee in the same category.



The company started out in 1981 as a software developer and consulting provider to international banks in Taipei. Among its first clients were Bank Boston, Chase, and Citibank of Taipei.

History China SystemsIn 1983, China Systems established the first office in Taiwan with six staff members. Around this time, development on the first Eximbills version on the WANG VS platforms started. Later versions were developed on AS/400, PC LAN, and DEC/VAX.

In 1989, the company put up a Documentation Center in the Philippines, the main objective of which was to prepare and write the Eximbills Trade Finance Manuals.

In 1991, it established the Software Development Center in Nanjing, China dedicated wholly to product research and development. It has 100+ developers and programmers.

In 1993, the development of Eximbills Client Server Version started. Within 12 months, expansion in global operations began, resulting in branches in Europe, America, Middle East, and China to provide sales and local support services. China Systems then set up sales and local support centers in Hong Kong, Thailand, Spain, and Portugal, with representation in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

1998 saw China Systems supporting over 500 sites in 56 countries using Eximbills, totaling more than 6,000 workstations.

In 2002, continuing a long-standing tradition of advanced technological innovation, China Systems began developing its J2EE-compliant range of solutions. The total trade finance and payments solution called Eximbills Enterprise was born.

Eximbills Enterprise was introduced to address the technical demand for the J2EE framework and to enable China Systems to enter the high-end market of large centralized processing centers and insourcing operations. This implied the need to support large transaction volumes for trade operations and related services including payments and document preparation.

Furthermore, the growing need for global cross-industry STP, web based e-trade services and ERP integration has required us to anticipate in our solution design easy integration with different market infrastructures.

Our Enterprise toolkit capability enables us to provide solutions on demand to business requirements in such continuously evolving environments.

Thanks to its extensive experience in systems development, installation and integration, China Systems has developed a core technology for a range of specialist, international banking applications. The company's expertise centers around providing automated solutions for areas that have traditionally been under-represented by other systems suppliers, including trade finance, remittance and syndicated lending.

Using its knowledge in systems design and implementation, financial institutions' architecture, communications, and customer support, China Systems is continually developing its range of specialist products and services and exploring new business areas in the financial world.