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Corporate Enterprise  

China Systems Swift Ready Application SWIFT for Corporates Trade Supply Chain and Finance.png LogoCorporate Enterprise (CoE) is China Systems' latest web based solution designed to support a corporate organization in the management of its Trade and Supply Chain Finance transactions in a multi-bank environment.

The solution has been SWIFT certified for Trade Finance and Supply Chain Finance. It fully adopts MT798 FIN standards for L/C’s and Guarantees and XML ISO20022 standards to support the ICC endorsed BPO (Bank Payment Obligation) based transactions for Open Account based trade. It allows a corporate to interact with any bank that has adopted the above standards through the SWIFT network.

CoE has successfully passed the strict technical and functional validation criteria for the SWIFT for Corporates labeling program, which includes support for trade related FIN messages, FileAct messages and ISO20022 standards, message reconciliation and validation and user profile management for security.

To provide corporates with maximum reach, the same solution is currently working towards supporting the Bolero multi-bank trade finance and electronic trade documentation offerings. China Systems already supports the Bolero trade messaging standards on its back office solution Eximbills Enterprise, but is now expanding this support to its corporate CoE solution. Support for the eBL, being the key document of title in trade, is of strategic importance to make trade processing more efficient.

Besides providing support for messaging and connectivity to the multi-bank SWIFT and Bolero networks, the CoE solution offers a Limits Management system which enables corporates to manage all their credit lines across their different banking relationships, allowing more efficient allocation of transactions and risk management across the entire corporate organization.

Another key feature of the solution is the ability to simulate pricing for the processing bank(s) of choice, using the predefined charges and fees structures which can be maintained by the corporate for its different banks.

Additionally, CoE provides the ability to obtain consolidated reports on outstanding transactions and risk by internal entity, bank, country, instrument etc.

CoE is a multi-entity and multi-base currency solution, supporting different processing models, but it is typically based on a hub and spoke concept. The backbone of the system is the same as our flagship back office solution for banks, Eximbills Enterprise, and thereby inherits its global processing and workflow configuration capabilities, allowing a corporate to apply its internal authorization and decision procedures.

Leveraging on the latest generation of China Systems products, CoE comes with the same J2EE framework and a fully functional corporate business model. Browser based and with the widely accepted rules based toolkit, allowing for the full configuration of business workflows and rules, interfaces to ERP and banking systems, treasury and accounting systems, messaging channels, etc., this solution can be installed with minimal changes and integrate seamlessly in the corporate ecosystem.

CoE is typically installed locally at the corporate, but it can also be installed in a hosted environment, such as a SWIFT Service Bureau.

Connecting the CoE application to the SWIFT network is typically achieved via Swift’s cloud-based connectivity service Alliance Lite2. Other connectivity options for a corporate are to run their own in-house dedicated SWIFT interface hosting their BIC (only for larger corporates) or achieve connectivity through a SWIFT service bureau. Accessible anytime and anywhere, and thru a number of channels, being it tablets or standard PCs, CoE comes as the new standard for Corporate Trade Back Office processing.

With the addition of Corporate Enterprise to our Enterprise suite of products, China Systems now provides a Trade and Supply Chain Finance solution that covers the full range of requirements for both Corporates and Banks, all running on the same technology and collaborative platforms, with a set of reusable financial modules in a fully integrated environment.