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CS Eximbills Version 4

Global Automation

Trade finance is a specialized complex sphere that requires sophisticated technology to match its dynamic demands.  Not only must the chosen solution be able to track a trade finance transaction through the many fee-generating stages, it must also have the flexibility to cope with the numerous rules governing International Trade.

At best, financial institutions either adapt existing systems or internally develop partial solutions, both of which have costly repercussions for the business. 

The quest sounds impossible: an innovative and flexible, robust and reliable technology, which ensures the consistent and rapid exchange of internal and external data while maintaining the highest level of security and accountability. But there is an answer.

Proven solution

CS Eximbills, as the world's leading trade finance system, is designed to control the complete cycle of trade finance processing. It is the only fully integrated package that can be tailored to changing, real-world requirements in any business or regulatory environment, without needing extensive programming modifications.

Real-time, integrated processing

CS Eximbills is a consolidated system that automates and audits the full cycle of trade finance transactions in real-time. With its single-entry input the necessary data is captured for processing, recording, and report generation for an entire transaction. All transactions access a shared database and communicate through the same channels.

Functions performed by the system include the calculation of commissions, liabilities and foreign exchange equivalents, document preparation, accounting and management reporting, follow-up processing, and express transaction status enquiries. The system provides unlimited multi-currency reporting and accounting capabilities. It interfaces with telex, fax, SWIFT, and most other payment systems.

Its Interest Accrual subsystem provides users with a tool for managing interest-generating transactions and for posting interest entries to the relevant accounts.

Parameter-driven, flexible application

A preconfigured, fully functional version of CS Eximbills, the CS Bank Model, is available for speedy implementation with a minimum of parameter changes. Once installed, the CS Bank Model processing rules, screens, accounting forms, and reports can be revised to meet changing customer requirements. The system is designed using parameter-driven software that enables users to modify existing modules or to define new business functionality as and when necessary. Standard utilities enable the bank to add or amend trade finance functions at no extra cost.

Its highly configurable design enables CS Eximbills to quickly adapt to varied trade finance requirements of banks as changes are made on the parameters instead of on the program code. This allows bank personnel with proper training to easily maintain and modify the parameters themselves as needed.

The number of master file fields, limited only by the capacity of the selected database, offers immense flexibility in the design, look and functionality of the bank's modules, translating to significantly reduced time and cost demands for system implementation.

CS Eximbills supports a wide variety of trade finance services, including:

• Import/Export Letters of Credit • Export and Import Collections • Clean Collections
• Standby Letters of Credit • Trade Finance Loans • Purchase Orders
• Letters of Guarantee • Pre-Export Finance • Syndicated Letters of Credit
• Document Negotiation • Shipping Guarantees • Remittances
• Discounted Bills & Banker's Acceptances • Reimbursement Letters of Credit • Correspondent Bank Tracking

Improved productivity and profitability

CS Eximbills enables an institution to analyse overall exposure, productivity, and profitability. Data verification and transactional status control, which occur throughout the transaction's life cycle, help increase accuracy and productivity and reduce the risk of processing errors. Turn around time for an Import Letter of Credit can be reduced by over 30%, with some institutions seeing productivity gains by as much as 200%.

Ease of use

Staff training can be time-consuming and costly. CS Eximbills minimizes the training requirements by using the intuitive and friendly Graphical User Interface capabilities of Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP.

Workflow and Imaging interface options

CS Eximbills can be integrated with leading Workflow solutions, which automate internal procedures and tasks to streamline your organisation's business processes, and Imaging solutions, for digitising and managing business documents. CS Eximbills makes full use of these BPM and ECM tools to direct the flow of information, control business procedures, as well as achieve, or contribute to, overall business goals.

Nostro Account Reconciliation option

This optional facility of CS Eximbills allows banks to reconcile and monitor ledger and statement balances of their nostro accounts, providing various management reports that indicate the status of such accounts. Ledger data from vouchers, including those generated from CS Eximbills, are reconciled with standard data from SWIFT documents as well as manually generated statements. This nostro account reconciliation system is designed to answer the demands of current accounting standards for accuracy and auditability.

Generic Application Programming Interfaces

CS Eximbills provides an optional Generic API, a facility that provides online message generation and a response handling capability. This feature allows straightforward interfacing to any of the bank's external systems, which may include retail banking, data warehouse, risk management, and central liability systems. CS Eximbills ensures data integrity in the interface process as the Generic API is continuously being enhanced to support message-oriented middleware (MOMs) such as IBM WebSphere MQ.

SWIFT to Telex conversion option

CS Eximbills provides the option to convert generated SWIFT messages to telex messages, providing easy means to re-route messages efficiently.

Strong security

CS Eximbills offers a solid system security that optimises the security control of data access in both single and multiple entity environments, making possible the use of a centralised database by many different units. Structured access levels address installation and file security. Its Security Manager facilitates an efficient control of the system security.

Multi-entity support

Large banks, businesses, and organisations often have branches or subsidiaries scattered geographically across a sizable Wide Area Network (WAN). Each branch may have different business needs due to local regulatory requirements and competition. CS Eximbills' Multi-entity support allows large organisations to create applications that can be accessed by these branches through the WAN, allowing one central site to meet the business needs of the entire organisation.

In a multiple entity environment, CS Eximbills can be run in a centralised mode with the centralised database shared by all branches or entities within a network.

Automatic update

CS Eximbills offers an option for convenient and automatic updating to the latest patch version. With this feature, applying the latest enhancements to the system is fast and hassle-free.

Open system architecture

CS Eximbills uses client/server technology on a wide range of hardware platforms, which enables networked PCs to access authorised data on the relational database server. Transactions communicate through any shared, ODBC-compliant database, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Sybase, DB2/AIX, DB2/NT and DB2/400.

System configuration

CS Eximbills runs under most network configurations. In its simplest form, CS Eximbills components are stored on the hard disk of a desktop computer, running on operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP. In a local area network (LAN) setup, parameter data may be stored in a meta database server while the transaction data is stored in a transaction database server, thereby ensuring efficient centralised maintenance and interface with other bank systems.

Network traffic is decreased and the speed of system processing is facilitated with the use of work buffers in workstations through which data can be stored and system parameters are retrieved into so that the user need not access the remote database server when running CS Eximbills.

CS Eximbills supports thin-client and rich-client architecture, allowing users to access the system remotely via a WAN through a Terminal Server mechanism such as Citrix.