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Java EE Based Back Office Solution

Eximbills Enterprise, The Total Trade Finance & Payments Solution


Customer Enteprise China Systems Front end solutionInstituting a cutting edge initiative in advanced technological innovation, China Systems developed a Java EE-compliant web application geared towards Trade and Supply Chain Finance, Open Account, and Payments transactions. The Total Trade Finance and Payments Solution inherits and expands the parameter-driven architecture of previous versions of Eximbills, the flagship product of China Systems, providing support for advanced e-commerce, open account, and trade related services.

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Eximbills has evolved from an initial Wang-based design through PC LAN, AS/400, and Client Server, to the Thin Client version in use today. Established as a global standard installed by many international banks to meet their trade finance processing requirements, China Systems maintains this worldwide trust by constantly devising to remain one step ahead of rapidly changing technology.

The Total Trade Finance and Payments Solution has all the necessary components of a true catalyst in the achievement of your current and future business objectives. It offers the combination of a solid business model and a flexible toolkit built on a future-proof SOA compliant technology platform. This solution presents a wide array of subsidiary functions, which include services through the internet, mobile telecommunication, and e-documents.

Eximbills Enterprise

Eximbills Enterprise is an integrated system that automates and audits the complete cycle of trade finance, open account, and payment transactions, in real time and in accordance with SWIFT, UCP and ISO20022 standards. This allows for a rapid yet comprehensive installation especially for implementations running on a strict time scale. The system significantly reduces the processing cost per transaction by automatically creating records from incoming SWIFT messages, passing accounting entries, producing customer advices, and making payments with little or no user intervention. Designed using Java EE technology, Eximbills Enterprise runs on a very robust technological platform that empowers banks to take their destiny into their own hands.

Customer Enterprise

Customer Enterprise is an adaptable and easy-to-use solution for the bank's customers. It offers extensive support for Letters of Credit, Guarantees, Payments, Collections, as well as Open Account transactions Employing state-of-the-art security features as PKI for online processing, this internet-based front-end solution allows the banks' import and export customers to send and receive trade finance and open account transactions with minimal effort and maximum speed. Built on the Java EE-based Eximbills Enterprise technology, this solution allows bank customers and other parties' access to services through Web server and Browser technology provided via the Internet, Intranet, or Extranet configurations and utilises all the facilities and standards that Eximbills Enterprise employs. It also supports direct exchanges between buyers and suppliers, whereby the bank can monitor activity and provide services at predefined trigger points or upon request. Moreover, Customer Enterprise has the ability to integrate with multiple back office systems.

Customer Enterprise provides a single window solution for a corporate customer's complete trade processing needs, but the solution can also be integrated within the bank's existing portal, fully complying with the bank's 'look and feel' and security standards, and also supporting SSO (Single Sign On).

BPM Capabilities

China Systems' Total Trade Finance and Payments Solution provides embedded workflow capabilities, and can, if the bank would require this, interface with the leading Business Process Management (BPM) tools, to even more actively drive the business processes and communication between the bank's different business units, departments, and business users. Aside from offering Workflow capabilities, the BPM interface component of the Total Trade Finance and Payments Solution serves as a gateway, providing greater integration capabilities to multiple systems.

ECM Capabilities

Our Enterprise platform has integrated image management capabilities and is designed to facilitate easy integration with an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that specifically takes care of digitising and managing of business documents, in order to enable the highly efficient storage, delivery, and retrieval of information throughout the bank's organisation. Through the transaction's unique reference, our solution establishes a link with the ECM solution's repository, so that the user can inquire on transaction-related documents, from within our solution.

Electronic Trade Document and Data Support

In addition to the existing functionality, our Enterprise solution can be used to generate electronic trade documentation and data in multiple formats, including EDI and XML, to support messaging platforms such as SWIFT TSU (Trade Services Utility). China Systems closely monitors the developments in the area of electronic trade to ensure that our solutions remain sufficiently flexible to cater to the rapidly changing needs of the various initiatives. Our Enterprise toolkit enables us to quickly adjust and build new innovative products around new messaging standards, to ensure that technology remains a dynamic facilitator in the achievement of business objectives.

OLAP and Reporting

To complement Eximbills Enterprise's On-line Transactional Processing (OLTP) capability, an On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP) system is provided to enable management to access and analyse operational data based on past performance, as well as to make decisions that will improve future performance. The OLAP System, the Total Trade Finance and Payments Solution's report writer tool, may be configured based on the end-users' requirements into a specific format that fits the needs of the bank's Trade Finance department. In addition to the support we provide for open source reporting tools such as BIRT, JasperReports, and Pentaho, our solution can also be integrated with leading  Business Intelligence  solutions (e.g., Crystal Reports, Business Objects) for both back end and front end usage.

Complete Trade Finance and Payments Solution

For the development of its Total Trade Finance and Payments Solution, China Systems uses superior technology and its strong partnerships with leading global market segment vendors. Our solution meets the demands of top-tier organisations in the business by providing:

Advanced integration capabilities

• Integrates seamlessly with any bank infrastructure and provides the ability to adapt the user interface according to the bank's look and feel, design, and navigation requirements

• Output can be generated in XML, EDI, CSV, and other commonly used formats, and supported interfaces include API calls, File, TCP, MQ, and Tuxedo

A powerful STP engine

• Allows the analysis of incoming data from SWIFT, TSU, and other sources and definition of routing rules

• Has ability to trigger automated processing and routing of transactions to reduce manual intervention to an absolute minimum

Compliance with industry standards

• SWIFT (both FIN and TSU XML standards)

• URC, URG, UCP, and eUCP



• Web Services, SOAP, and Federated Identity

Strong system security

• Supports third-party security hardware and software that meet stringent industry specifications

• Open Java EE design allows for new security technologies to be easily adopted as they become available

• Security aspects are managed independently of the underlying operating system, thus improving protection of system data and resources

• Supports Non-Repudiation, Multi Factor Authentication/ Authorisation, Single Sign On, White List checking, and the use of third-party certificates

High-volume processing capabilities

• Provides configurable Batch processing and scheduling functions, such as Start and End of Day processes, generation of tracers, collection of periodic fees, and incoming payments, reducing overall processing time to a minimum

• Supports Load Balancing thereby allowing high volumes to be processed in parallel across multiple servers

Strong communication capabilities with other systems

• Can communicate with treasury, accounting, risk management, and other systems in online or batch mode

• Can interface with most payments systems, SWIFT, telex, fax, and e-mail devices

• Provides a built-in online messaging tool that allows checking and updating of data residing in other systems during transaction processing

Advanced multi-entity capability

• Fully supports global and regional processing across multiple time zones, countries, and languages, allowing banks to use and control a centralised business application and its resources in the most efficient way

• Enables a straightforward and controlled rollout of business functionality across the bank's entire network through thin client user access, whereby the geographical location of processing centres and customer service centres can be optimised to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, intensify customer relationships, and deliver superior service through closely integrated front and back office processing

• Allows for maximum reuse and sharing of business components on an enterprise application level, reducing application maintenance to a minimum

• Ensures that the various operating models, such as the Regional Processing or Insourcing Model, can be handled, regardless of whether the bank using the system operates on a domestic, regional, or global level

Multi-channel delivery capabilities

Through an expandable and bank-definable 'party notification profile,' the system permits the bank to control on a transaction event level how the bank wishes to communicate with customers and other parties during the business process, which could be by mail, fax, e-mail, internet front end, mobile, or other devices. These profile settings automatically control the type of output generated after a transaction is confirmed. The bank is then able to define customer-specific communication settings, meeting the level of sophistication of that customer in a competitive environment in which the speedy processing of data and decisions is a must.

System flexibility

• Its rules-based processing concept and future-proof architecture allow the bank to withstand the rapid changes in the business environment and thus provide a solution to banks that want to differentiate themselves and attract new customers by providing innovative and value-added services along the entire transaction chain.

• The enterprise toolkit offers the bank the option to build new, or enhance existing, functionality in a business environment, in which we see e-commerce and open-account trading rapidly growing and creative supply chain financing solutions becoming increasingly important.

Java EE Benefits

The Total Trade Finance and Payments Solution runs on Java EE, an accepted industry standard platform endorsed by many major enterprise computing players (BEA, IBM, Oracle and others) as well as qualified vendors that provide the tools and enhancements for a complete solution. Its use of this state-of-the-art architecture puts China Systems at a distinct advantage over its competitors today:

• A Request and Response methodology using Java Beans that can be easily modified or replaced by simple plug-in components

• A very robust framework with containers and middleware tools in a structured component design to access and process data for the application regardless of platform, easily providing the facilities for task control

• Transparent remote access from a thin client via Internet / Intranet / Extranet

The Business Model

Global experience in implementing Trade Finance business solutions is the foundation of the Total Trade Finance and Payments Solution's business functionality, which can be easily tailored to the bank's needs. It is able to track a trade finance transaction through the many fee-generating stages, and is sufficiently flexible to cope with the many rules that govern International Trade. In terms of trade finance business, the Total Trade Finance and Payments Solution comes with a Business Model that supports all standard processing requirements for the following trade instruments:

• Import and Export Letters of Credit

• Import and Export Standby Letters of Credit

• Clean and Documentary Import and Export Collections

• Inward and Outward Letters of Guarantee

• Shipping Guarantees

• Inward and Outward Payments

• Trade Finance Loans

• Factoring

• Forfaiting

• Syndications/Participations

• Trust Receipts

• Commercial Loans

• Limits Management

• Open Account Transactions